I am a political scientist who thinks, breathes, sees, smells, touches, and eats politics wherever I go. In short, I see politics in everything. I am inviting you into my world, not entirely out of selfish conceit, but maybe (just maybe) my writings will inspire you to look at everyday life more critically. I believe that awareness of the complexities and intricacies of everyday life is the beginning to addressing some of the issues troubling our human experience, while appreciating the nuances that enhace it.

As a researcher, I also feel that I have a responsibility to be a voice for those whose stories I have heard and whose voices have been silenced as a result of the world in which we live. I have been inspired to speak up after the stories hurt, despair, anger, and hopelessness that I have witnessed through the course of my research.

At the same time, I am convinced that society is beautiful, intriguing, and more complex than a puzzle. As such, examining and documenting its intricacies are also worthy causes in my view.

This blog is indeed political.

With that being said: welcome and enjoy the blog!


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