Puerto Acajutla, Sonsonate

During my travels in El Salvador, my family and I went to admire the sunset at Acajutla. At first I was a bit disappointed that this ship was part of the scenery. As I recall, the locals were quite amazed by the ship. Meanwhile, here I was mourning the disappearance of a natural landscape.

The disappearance of natural landscapes is not something we fully understand in Canada, given that our territory is so vast. After being in a country that is about twice the size of Cape Breton and has about just over six million people, you begin to notice just how important land is and how valuable natural landscapes are. After all, Salvadorans have to carry out their entire activities as a country, in such a small space. This means that development has to be carried out in the spotlight and natural environments cannot always be saved. They do not have the luxury of just developing urban spaces, or slowly taking over forests. Landscapes in El Salvador that are preserved are minimal and the negative effects of development are evidenced almost right away.

I got a glimpse into the effects of human activity and the consequences of having limited space to carry out our activities as a species.

However, I refuse to let this discourage me. Instead, it gives me motivation to hope and act towards a different world.


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