Very Inspiring Blogger Award

screen-shot-2012-12-16-at-3-57-07-pmI was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I want to thank Kathleen Reedy from Marking Time: The Afghan and Iraqi Wars as Seen by Those Who Live Them for the nomination! Most of all, I want to thank you Kathleen for encouraging me to keep writing.

You should check out her blog. It’s filled with personal stories, which I believe to be crucial in social analysis.

Again, thank you for the award and stay tuned for my nominations… drum roll, please!

As per the rules for accepting the award, here are 7 interesting things about myself:

1)  I am a big geek who still loves the first day of school (even though I am no longer in school… aside from the dissertation writing part of school, which is just as enjoyable!… See what I mean, big geek.)

2) I am multilingual (French, English, Spanish, studied German and Arabic)

3) As a kid I once pretended to be “distressed” after a bus accident so I could make the front page of the newspaper. It worked.

4) I once took a road trip from Montreal all the way to El Salvador.

5) In a mock federal election in elementary school I voted for the Green Party of Canada.

6) I attended Jean Chretien’s first Parliamentary Meeting.

7) As a joke, on my 18th birthday my high school principal placed oregano in my locker and made me believe that he had found pot in it.


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