Tales of a PhD candidate

I’ve decided to document my adventures as a dissertation-writing PhD student. If there is one thing I am learning about writing a dissertation, is that it requires a lot of thinking… go figure! What I mean is that writing helps my creativity and by writing something that is both directly and indirectly related, I will be fulfilling three main objectives.

The first being that I am getting to put my ideas to the test by putting them into intelligible texts. Secondly, it will allow me to explore ideas in a way that will trigger my creativity. Thirdly, writing a dissertation is one of those challenges that gets people talking: How did you get started? Better yet, how did you get yourself to finish the darn thing?

So, once again, welcome to this new addition to my blog. Hopefully this journey won’t last too long, but long enough to keep you informed and perhaps even entertain you as I delve into my challenges, fears, and certainly successes of a life as another dissertation-writing PhD student.



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